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Ridge Lacrosse Club

Ridge Lacrosse Club selects competitive high school players from Section 9 and the surrounding area in the Hudson Valley. Players work with former collegiate playing coaches to develop skills, play in tournaments, and showcase their talent to college scouts. 

I worked with Ridge on re-designing their logo, creating a modern, sleek, clean look. I also created graphics for their social media accounts on a range of topics including important announcements, scheduling information, and staff spotlights.

Final Logo-01.png

Logo Development

Ridge Lacrosse Logo Development Process-

For Ridge's logo, I experimented with many different ideas that incorporated lacrosse equipment and the famous Shawangunk Ridge that the club is named after.


After a lengthy process of exploration, the club selected a simple, clean logo, featuring only the mountain graphic, similar to their original logo. 

Ridge Lacrosse Logo Development Process-
Ridge Lacrosse Logo Development Process-
Ridge Lacrosse Logo Development Process-

Additional Logos

Ridge also decided to re-organize their team names to distinguish between three different teams within the lacrosse club. For the three different levels: modified, junior varsity, and varsity, the logos represent three different peaks in the Catskill Mountains: Panther, Peekamoose, and Slide mountain.

Social Media Posts

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