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Konnettiamo focuses on the development of web realities (portals, websites, applications and the like) related to the real estate sector. The project of
greatest prominence and interest is the STUDENTSVILLE pilot.


During my time studying abroad in Florence, Italy in Fall 2018, I worked as a Visual Communication Intern at Konnettiamo. Using information that was found in Studentsville blog posts, I conceptualized a direction and aesthetic for each topic and designed the graphics in their entirety, working from photo references to create illustrations. Four of the main topics I focused on were gelato shops, pizzerias, libraries, and vintage clothing stores. I also had the opportunity to work on rebranding ideas for the Studentsville logo. In addition to my design work, I wrote and published three articles on the Studentsville blog site. Each article has over 1,300 views. 

Vintage Shopping in Florence- Square-01.


Florence Gelato Infographic-01.png
Rome Gelato- Instagram Square -01.png
Milan Gelato-01.png


Florence Library Square-01.png
Milan Library Infographic.png
Rome Library Infographic-01.png


Milan Pizza Infographic-01.png
Rome Pizza Infographic-01.png
Florence Pizza Infographic .png

Studentsville Logo Rebranding

Studentsville Logos-01.png

I had the opportunity to present ideas for re-branding the Studentsville logo. The company was moving to expand to other parts of Italy outside of Florence, so they were looking for a more general logo. The logo they previously had used the Florence Duomo, which was specific to Florence. 

I tried a variety of combinations of different fonts for a modern feel. For the logo, I was tasked with creating a general house icon, and I liked the idea of working with the StudentsVille initials to create a house shape. Incorporating the S.V. into the logo would make it very unique and recognizable among competitors. 

Studentsville Logos-03.png
Studentsville Logos-02.png

Studentville Blog Articles

IMG_2838 copy.JPG

My Favorite Places to Eat in Santa Croce

IMG_6749 copy.JPG

Traveling Abroad in Europe

IMG_4049 copy.JPG

Renaissance Art in Florence

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