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Daily Health Habits Among College Students

This research exercise aimed to explore the food choices and health habits of college students. Students face unique challenges when it comes to eating a consistently healthy diet. Eating healthy is just one part of overall wellness, and this exercise also looked at other aspects of health such as fluid intake, exercise habits, and daily activities. 

24 x 36 inches

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Method #1: Survey

The first method was an online survey consisting of 10 questions. This survey was distributed to students in the SUNY New Paltz graphic design program in order to gain information on the importance of eating healthy, motivations and deterrents for eating healthy, and the importance of other activities in daily life. The survey was created and uploaded to Qualtrics. There were 20 respondents for each question in the survey. 

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Data Visualization Details

Method #2: Daily Log

The second method utilized a 3-day log asking SUNY New Paltz students and professors about what they ate and drank, their exercise habits, and supplement usage. 12 logs were completed, and all findings focus on information over the 3-day span. 

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